Pasco Washington

Holding true to its agricultural history, the ity of Pasco stands out among others in the Tri-Cities area. Home to well-known names in food processing and farming, as well as an impressive real estate market, Pasco continues to be a popular choice to buy in for both families and real estate investors.

Pasco’s History

Originally a farming community, the city of Pasco remains known for its agricultural history and continued place within the industry. It was not until the 1940’s and 1950’s in what has been called the “Hanford Boom” that the city really began to develop, and still, at that point, the area remained very much a farming community. In the 1990’s the Pasco real estate market really began to form. Since this time, the area has become known for its strong and continuously developing real estate market. Setting Pasco apart from other areas in and around the Tri-Cities area.

What is the City Like?

Having experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades, the city of Pasco is now home to over 67,000 residents. Thanks to the city’s many festivals and events, such as The Fiery Foods Festival, and The Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival, the area has become a popular destination not only for families looking to put down roots but for vacationers as well. In addition, the many festivals that the city of Pasco is home to, the city has also become known for their always being something to do. Whether you are looking to enjoy the sunshine at one of the many golf courses, or pools, grab lunch at the Vineyard View Market Place, take to the sky with Bergstrom Aircraft, or visit The Country Mercantile Chocolate Factory, there truly is something for everybody in Pasco.

Real Estate in Pasco

Since the real estate boom of the 1990’s Pasco has become known for having one of the strongest real estate markets. The real estate boom has continued over the years, so much so that in 2015, Pasco was listed as one of the best locations in which to invest in real estate within the State of Washington, and was also listed as one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in Washington. The styles of houses throughout Pasco vary, with some traditional two story family homes, single level family homes, townhouses, as well classic split level houses. Pricewise, the city is known to be a fairly affordable place to live, with real estate prices ranging from approximately $175,000 up to over $2,000,000.


The Pasco School District

The Pasco School District is home to over 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and close to 5 high schools. In addition, the city is also home to Columbia Basin College, the largest community college in South East Washington, and home to over 7000 students.

The Economy in Pasco

The city of Pasco is one that is still very much known for its agriculture. Although a popular tourist destination, the city is still home to a number of well-known farming and food processing companies, including Twin City Foods, and Lamb Weston. The city is also home to the Tri-Cities Airport, which houses daily flights to major cities around the nation, including Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.

Hanford Commute

For employees commuting from Pasco, Washington to the Hanford site, the journey offers convenience and accessibility. Located approximately 30 miles northwest of Pasco, the Hanford site is a significant employment hub and a historic site of scientific and technological innovation. Commuters can take advantage of well-connected transportation routes, including major highways and roads, ensuring a smooth and efficient commute. Whether driving their own vehicles or utilizing public transportation options, such as buses or carpooling, employees can enjoy a relatively short travel time. The picturesque landscapes of the Columbia Basin serve as a scenic backdrop during the commute, enhancing the overall experience. With a range of commuting options and the benefit of convenient transportation infrastructure, employees traveling from Pasco to the Hanford site can efficiently navigate their daily work routine while enjoying the beauty of the region.

If commute times are important to you, it would also be wise to look at West Richland, North Richland, and even some parts of South Richland. That said, First Place and Madison Park Estates have relatively quick Hanford access thanks to their proximity to major on-ramps.