North Richland

Breathtaking views, over 300 days of sunshine a year, hiking trails, vineyards, a strong economy, all located within an excellent school system are among some of the top attractions that the community of North Richland has to offer its residents.


What is the Community of North Richland Like?

Located just minutes away from Hanford, in the beautiful city of Richland, the community of North Richland has become a hub of technological endeavors and start-up companies in the Washington Tri-Cities area. The community of North Richland is located in a prime location for wine enthusiasts, and those looking to work in the wine industry, with over 100 wineries to explore within an hour drive from town.

North Richland has also become extremely well-known for the multitude of outdoor activities, such as water-skiing, fishing, hiking, running, golf, as well as biking, swimming, and kayaking that it offers, making it a popular area for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the community is home to great shopping and dining options which have grown dramatically as the tourism industry has evolved.


What is the Real Estate in North Richland Like?

The residential real estate in North Richland ranges in price, houses start and grow, anywhere from the mid $220,000 and can sell for more than $1,900,000. The real estate in North Richland is a blend of older homes, built in the 1940’s up to the 2000’s. Stylistically, the real estate in North Richland range in size, and style, including older split level homes, and newer multi-level family houses. With such a variety in housing prices, sizes, and styles, North Richland has become known as an area that has something to offer everyone.

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What are the Nearby Schools Like?

The community of North Richland is located within the highly sought after Richland School District. The Richland School District has become known for its outstanding academic opportunities, extra-curricular programs, as well as its community involvement. Over the years, the Richland School District has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards.


What is the Local Economy Like?

While the overall economy throughout the Tri-Cities area is strong and thriving, the city of Richland and the community of North Richland have become known for the continued development of job opportunities throughout various sectors. The Richland School District is the largest non DOE employer in the city of Richland, employing over 700 teaching staff, in addition to janitorial, administrative, and healthcare staff that are also needed to run the schools. As mentioned above, the city of Richland has also become somewhat of a technological hub for start-up companies throughout the Tri-Cities and Washington area. This has helped to not only create a lot of new jobs but also brought a lot of attention to the community and all that it has to offer. Like the rest of the Tri-Cities area the economy throughout the city of Richland, and the community of North Richland is also very much reliant on the Department of Energy and the local wine and tourism industries. There are over 100 wineries within an hour drive of Richland, offering lots of opportunities for those looking to work in the wine industry, as well as attracting many tourists to the area.


Hanford Commute Time

If you work out at the Hanford area, North Richland should be a consideration for you. Using George Washington Way, you can avoid a good majority of the Hanford traffic in the morning, and especially in the evening. While just a bit further than Horn Rapids, the average commute time from North Richland to the Hanford gate is 23-34 minutes. If you're looking for a bit newer housing options, check out South Richland, the commute is a bit longer, but there are newer and larger homes available.

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