Candy Mountain Estates

Located in highly sought after community of West Richland, the community of Candy Mountain Estates offers stunning views of the Tri-Cities, easy accessibility to shopping, dining, and walking trails.


What is the Community of Candy Mountain Estates Like?

Like much of the city of West Richland, Candy Mountain Estates is a suburban area, which is considered popular among families and professionals alike. The city of West Richland is popular for its agriculture, wineries, and as well as the multitude of outdoor sports and activities that the city offers.


What is the Real Estate in Candy Mountain Estates Like?

The real estate market in both Candy Mountain Estates and the city of West Richland itself are quite similar. Both are considered to be in demand areas for home buyers that are looking to purchase a property in a stable economy, with lots of amenities, and a plethora of educational and employment opportunities.
While the cost of living in the city of West Richland is more than 3% higher than the national average, the houses, in general, are not considered to be overly expensive, with prices starting at just over $500,000. Housing costs in the modern community Candy Mountain Estates, however, are slightly higher, however, with many houses listing for $600,000 and up. The majority of houses in the area are modern in style, with open floor plans, high ceilings, and lots of natural light flowing throughout the house.

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What are the Schools Like?

The community of Candy Mountain Estates is within the Richland School District. This school district has been highly recognized for its outstanding academic opportunities and student life.


What is the Local Economy Like?

Similar to the surrounding Tri-Cities area, West Richland attracts a significant number of professionals working in the Energy industry. The city also offers opportunities in other popular sectors, such as education, food, and service. As a relatively newer city, West Richland's job market is experiencing continuous growth and development, mirroring the overall progress of the community. Whether in established industries or emerging sectors, West Richland provides a dynamic environment for residents to pursue fulfilling careers and contribute to the city's thriving economy.


Hanford Commute Time

If you're employed in the Hanford area, Candy Mountain Estates presents a compelling option for your residence. By utilizing the back roads, you can bypass a significant portion of the Hanford traffic during morning and evening commutes. It's much quicker to commute from Candy Mountain Estates than say, Canyon Lakes, or Meadow Springs (even though both of those are golf communities, and let's be honest… golf is great.) With an average travel time of 25-35 minutes from Candy Mountain Estates to the Hanford gate, you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient journey. Consider the convenience and time-saving benefits of living in Candy Mountain Estates as you plan your commute to the Hanford area.

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