Applewood Estates

Offering residents modern style homes, fresh markets, green space, and located in proximity to dining, schools, and other popular amenities, the neighborhood of Applewood Estates is a popular destination for families, retirees, and professionals alike.


What is the Community of Applewood Estates Like?

The housing developing of Applewood Estates is still considered to be a relatively new development. Because of this, there is continuous commercial and residential development going on in the surrounding areas. Located in the beloved city of Richland, Applewood Estates offers views of and easy access to all of the wonderful amenities and opportunities that the Tri-Cities have to offer. Applewood Estates is located close to other popular neighborhoods, including, Country Ridge in Richland, Badger Mountain South in Richland, Cherry Wood Estates, as well as Westcliffe in Richland, and Crested Hills.


What is the Real Estate in Applewood Estates Like?

Real estate in Applewood Estates sells for somewhere between $400,000 and $600,000. How much exactly, depends on the amenities that you are looking for, the size of the house you would like, and as well as some other varying factors. Real estate in Applewood Estates is primarily made up of detached single family homes. Although a newer development, houses in Applewood Estates offer tons of character and charm, including porches, oversized windows, high ceilings, and more.

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What are the Schools Like?

Applewood Estates is a part of the Richland School District. This school district has been recognized numerous times for its outstanding academic and extra-curricular opportunities.


What is the Local Economy Like?

The economy in Richland is thriving and has been for many years now. Like the rest of the Tri-Cities area, the city of Richland’s economy is very much built upon the Department of Energy and the strong wine industry that has been established there. Because of the many wineries and vineyards that are located in and around the city, Richland, as well as the rest of the Tri-Cities area has experienced an increase in a number of tourists that it welcomes annually. The increasing number of tourists that now visit the Richland area every year has helped to create additional jobs in various industries, including, but certainly not limited to, hospitality, healthcare, and public administration.


Hanford Commute Time

Applewood Estates has one of the shorter commute times to Hanford from the South Richland area. Thanks to the close proximity to I-182, the commute to the Hanford gate usually only takes about 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. There are only a few subdivisions that have a shorter commute time from South Richland, Country Ridge being the one that stands out.

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