Badger Mountain South

Located in the beautiful city of Richland, the community of Badger Mountain South is a new development that has been designed to offer residents a unique combination of the urban retail and commercial side the city, with the scenic and revered beauty that the many hiking trails, parks, and river views offer.


What is the Community of Badger Mountain South Like?

The Badger Mountain South community is a part of the larger city of Richland, which offers residents a thriving economy, an exemplary school system, and breathtaking views. The community has become a popular choice for families, professionals, and retirees alike, because of the many outdoor activities that are offered including water skiing, fishing, biking, swimming, and hiking.


What is the Real Estate in Badger Mountain South Like?

Unlike other residential developments in the area, the community of Badger Mountain South prides itself on providing its residents with, “A new way to live”. The houses throughout the Badger Mountain South development have been designed so that they can be run off of renewable energy technologies. The residential opportunities throughout the development consist of large family homes that provide residents with a touch of modern not only the technologies that run them but in their fixtures and finishings, large windows, and high ceilings.

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What are the Schools Like?

The community of Badger Mountain South is located within the city of Richland and is, therefore, a part of the Richland School District. This school district is extremely well-known, and is so, for a number of reasons. Not only does the Richland School District focus on providing all of its students with the very best education inside the classroom that it possibly can, but the district has been recognized on numerous occasions for the wonderful opportunities that it has provided its students outside of the classroom through athletics, arts programs, and cooperative educational programs.


What is the Local Economy Like?

The economy in Richland is thriving and has been for many years now. Like the rest of the Tri-Cities area, the city of Richland’s economy is very much built upon the Department of Energy and the strong wine industry that has been established there. Because of the many wineries and vineyards that are located in and around the city, Richland, as well as the rest of the Tri-Cities area has experienced an increase in a number of tourists that it welcomes annually. The increasing number of tourists that now visit the Richland area every year has helped to create additional jobs in various industries, including, but certainly not limited to, hospitality, healthcare, and public administration.


Hanford Commute Time

Surprisingly, the commute to Badger Mountain South is not too bad at all. Thanks to the close proximity to I-84, the commute to the Hanford gate usually only takes about 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. While not as short of a commute as Horn Rapids, the large property lots and endless views quickly make up for the longer drive.

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