Hansen Park

Located in the city of Kennewick, the community of Hansen Park has become well-known for its beautiful yet affordable family homes, wonderful scenic views, as well as its proximity to the many excellent academic opportunities, restaurants, and shops that the city of Kennewick has to offer.


What is the Community of Hansen Park Like?

Hansen Park is a community that is both highly loved and sought after. Designed to provide residents with picturesque views, easy highway access, and lots of outdoor space for everyone to enjoy, the Hansen Park area has something for everyone.


What is the Real Estate in Hansen Park Like?

Hansen Park is a fairly new development, which is made up of large, family homes. Many of these houses are single-level family home or split level ranch style. Because of how new the development is the houses are modern and provide homeowners with high-end and modern finishing’s, high ceilings, and great size windows. Additionally, the lots are fairly sized and offer lots of room to play and garden.

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What are the Schools Like?

Hansen Park falls into the Kennewick School District and offers students what has become recognized as excellent opportunities both in and outside of the classroom. The school district includes more than ten elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools.


What is the Local Economy Like?

The economy around the city of Kennewick is strong. Made up of several thriving industries including science, technology, and education, the community continues to see new jobs develop on a regular basis.


Hanford Commute Time

Hansen Park is a very popular community for Hanford workers. While not as far of a drive as Creekstone, the drive from Hansen Park is a bit longer than places like Horn Rapids and West Richland. You can expect a drive time of around 35-50 minutes from your door to the Hanford gate.

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