Kennewick Washington

Shopping, entertainment, beautiful homes, and great schools have made the city of Kennewick the largest city in the Tri-Cities area. Home to an ever growing population, Kennewick has made a name for itself with its strong economy, great school district, and detailed landscaping.

Kennewick’s History

Like much of the Tri-Cities area, the city of Kennewick is rich in American History, and because of this, has become a popular vacation destination. Unlike other areas of the Tri-Cities area, however, the area of Kennewick has developed rapidly into not only the largest of the Tri-Cities but also the most commercial friendly. In addition to being considered the most commercial, Kennewick has also become known for the high quality of education that it’s residents receive, with the area once even being known as the city with the greatest amount of Ph.D.’s per capita.

What is the City Like??

The city of Kennewick is home to over 75,000 people. Unlike other areas, Kennewick is not only known for beautiful homes, it’s also known for its strong economy and many attractions. The city has become increasingly popular as the commercial sector, including shopping centers, such as the Columbia Mall, and other notable attractions and events such as The Clover Island Marina, The RiverSands Distillery, and the Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire began to take shape.

Real Estate in Kennewick?

Homes in throughout the city of Kennewick vary in style including single level family homes, traditional two story family homes, split level ranch style homes, multi-level townhouses, and modern apartment style condominiums. In terms of prices, houses range from extremely affordable to more expensive, with prices ranging anywhere from approximately $29,000 to over $1 million dollars, with an average housing cost of approximately $300,000. Overall, the area of Kennewick is considered a fairly priced area to live, especially when everything the city offers is taken into consideration.


The Kennewick School District?

The Kennewick school district is large and highly impressive. With over ten elementary schools, close to five middle schools, and three high schools the district offers students not only an exceptional education, but excellent opportunities outside of the classroom as well, including an extensive list of sports teams, intermural sports programs, and cooperative learning opportunities. Although no post-secondary educational institutions are located within the city of Kennewick, the city is considered a great place to live to receive a high-quality education, and also to work the education, engineering, and scientific fields, with the majority of residents working in the education, and engineering fields.

The Economy in Kennewick

The economy of Kennewick is strong, and much like its school system, which is the largest employer within the city is highly impressive. So impressive, that in 2009, Forbes ranked the city of Kennewick as the #2 location in the entire country for job growth, crediting the number of scientists and engineers that the area is home to. In fact, the Pacific Northwest National Lab employs many of the residents of Kennewick.

Hanford Commute Time

If you work out at the area, Kennewick is a great option for you. That said, it's a bit longer of a drive from Kennewick than it would be from Richland, West Richland, or Horn Rapids. Average commute time from Kennewick to the Hanford gate is 30-40 minutes. The easiest communities for commuting from Kennewick are: