Ridge at Reata West

The community of Ridge at Reata West is a popular choice for home buyers and investors. Made up of beautiful family homes, gorgeous landscaping, and is located in a great proximity to a number of schools, restaurants, and other amenities.


What is the Community of Ridge at Reata West Like?

The community of Ridge at Reata West is located in the city of Kennewick. Although the subdivision itself is quite new, real estate there is highly in demand and perfect for residents looking for a brand new home, and a little bit of a larger lot as well. The community falls in the Kennewick school district and is popular with families and professionals alike. The city of Kennewick is well known for its strong economy, and excellent school system, the plethora of recreational opportunities that are offered to its residents, and affordable yet high quality of living that it offers.


What is the Real Estate Like in Ridge at Reata West?

Designed to provide residents with breathtaking scenic views, the houses throughout the Ridge at Reata West development are large, with high ceilings, high-end finishings, and many designed with oversized windows to provide tonnes of natural light. In addition to the beautiful interiors of these brand new houses, the exteriors are just as impressive, with lovely lots that provide residents with more space than many other areas of the city are able to provide.

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What are the Schools Like?

The subdivision of Ridge at Reata West falls into the Kennewick school district which is known to offer students not only a strong academic background but also a wide range of extra-curricular programs and activities.


What is the Local Economy Like?

The local economy is quite strong, and well known for its three primary industries: technology, education, and science. In addition to employment opportunities within these fields, Conagra Foods, and Hanford are other major employers within the city.


Hanford Commute Time

The Ridge at Reata West is a fantastic community for Hanford workers. The I-84 route will take you from your home to the main Hanford artery in no time flat. The commute is still a bit further than Horn Rapids and West Richland, but not by too much. From your door to the Hanford Gate, you're looking around 25-30 minutes depending on traffic.

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