Pasco School District

The Pasco School District consists of thirteen elementary schools, including Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School, and Mark Twin Elementary School; three middle schools, including Issac Stevens Elementary School; and three high schools, including New Horizons High School, and Pasco High School. The Pasco School District has become known for the many opportunities that it provides for its students, not only in the classroom, but through the many programs, and activities that are run outside of the classroom. These activities such as marching band, sports teams, co-operative and internship opportunities have provided the students of the Pasco School District with unique educational opportunities and enhanced the quality of student life throughout the schools.


Honors and Awards Received

Over the years, the Pasco School District has been the recipient of many honors and awards. The Pasco High School Band was awarded top honors at the Harvest Marching Festival Band Competition; In 2006, the Pasco School District was the recipient of the Washington State School Directors’ Association Diversity Award for it’s outstanding multicultural education in both the schools and the Pasco and area community; McGee Elementary School and Livingston Elementary Schools have also won several awards for their music programs and marching bands. Many of the athletic programs throughout the Pasco School District have also gained recognition for their achievements over the years, with many of the districts basketball, and football teams being recognized for both their excellent coaching and players.

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Educational Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

Like the rest of the Tri-Cities area, the city of Pasco is home to a multitude of educational opportunities that are available for people to take advantage of outside of the classroom. One of the most popular is the Sacagawea Heritage Trail. This 22mile trail brings the learning outside and provides users with interactive exhibits, parks, presentations, along with breathtakingly gorgeous waterfront views. Additionally, the city of Pasco is home to a number of other educational activities such a Hanford Ranch, which welcomes people to tour the property, interact with the animals, and learn about the wildlife in and around the Tri-Cities area. Other popular educational and cultural opportunities and locations that are located throughout Pasco include, Sacajawea State Park Interpretive Center, and the Franklin County Historical Society & Museum


Employment Opportunities

The Pasco School District is a large employer in the city as well. Providing job opportunities not only in the teaching field, but also administration, health care, culinary arts, sanitation, and more. With close to twenty schools throughout the district, new job and volunteer opportunities are always being created. Thanks to the many additional programs and teams that the Pasco School District offers its students, these opportunities are only continuing to grow.

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