Tri-cities Washington Farmers Markets

One aspect that makes the Tri-Cities area stand out is that the communities of KennewickPasco and Richland are very much rooted in agriculture. Similarly to the impact that the growing number of local and nearby vineyards have had on the local wine industry, the increasing amount of farms has also benefited the communities. One of the most popular ways that this has been done has been through the development and growth of local Farmers Markets.

Take Your Pick

Having such a rich history and economical connection to agriculture has led to the development of not only a Farmers Market in each of the three major cities in the Tri-Cities area (KennewickPasco and Richland) but additional farmers markets have started to pop up in certain neighborhoods as well. With the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the opportunity to help support your local economy it is no wonder that the list continues to grow.

The Pasco Farmers Market

Open every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am –1pm, The Pasco Farmers Market is the largest open-air Farmers Market to focus on Fresh Produce throughout the entire State of Washington. The Pasco Farmers’ Market runs through the months of May to June and is located in picturesque Downtown Pasco at Columbia St and 4th Avenue.

Market at the Parkway

Running every Friday throughout the months of June to October, from 9:00 am -1:00 pm, The Market at the Parkway is a fairly new addition to the Richland Famers Markets. Market at the Parkway is a unique market that combines fresh fruits and vegetables and work done by local artists. The Market at the Parkway is located along the Parkway between Jadwin Avenue, and George Washington Way in Richland.

Downtown Kennewick Farmers Market

The Downtown Kennewick Farmers Market has made a name for itself because of the massive amount of selection that it has, allowing it to have something for everyone. Open every Thursday from May 30th – October 24th (no market on July 4th) at the Flag Plaza at the corner of Benton Street and W. Kennewick Ave. Hours are 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Downtown Kennewick Farmers Market offers a wide variety of fresh produce, freshly baked goods, quality beef, plants, and local artwork. 

3 Eyed Fish Farmers' Market

Open air market at the Queensgate Village off of Keene Rd. in Richland. Their market strives to offer the freshest produce available. Grown by local farmers and made available to you! The 3 Eyed Fish Farmers' Market also offers gourmet food products and handcrafted items made by local foodies and crafters. Open Sundays June – September, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


While Farmers Markets are growing in popularity all over the country, the deep roots that the agriculture business has in the Tri-Cities area, in combination with the phenomenal quality of goods and artwork available through these local markets has made quite an impression on the local economy. Because of the influence that the agriculture industry has on the economies throughout the Tri-Cities area, the support that these markets receive plays an important role in keeping the industry growing. Similarly to the way that the wine industry has impacted the economies of KennewickPasco and Richland  the agricultural industry is one that has had a positive ripple effect throughout the communities as well, benefiting local restaurants, cultural events and festivals, and helping to create additional job opportunities.