Top 5 Pancake places in the Tri-Cities that are better than the Original Pancake House

The Best Pancakes in Tri-Cities

Who doesn't love a good breakfast spot?  This morning, Aurora came into the office talking about her favorite breakfast places… so, we figured it would be appropriate to give you our list of the Top 5 places in the Tri-Cities to get Pancakes (that are better than the Original Pancake House.)

#5HopsnDrops – Located in the Queensgate shopping center and in Southridge, HopsnDrops is a Washington chain restaurant with some pretty darn good food (and apparently the coldest beer in town.) If you’re looking for a great place to have breakfast on the weekends, they open at 8am. While their entire menu looks delish (including the tater tots!!) the flapjacks were REALLY good.. and apparently they are as big as your head… or so they claim. Not sure who’s head they used to compare them to… if you’re feeling brave, hold one up to your head and snap a selfie.. We would GLADLY use that on this page.

#4Magills Restaurant – If you're in West Pasco around breakfast time, Magills is your go-to for great food! Located in an historic building at the corner of Road 68 and Argent, Magills Restaurant has an EXTENSIVE breakfast menu! It really doesn’t matter what you are in the mood for, you can find it at Magills! As far as pancakes are concerned, we recommend that you try the Peanut Butter Chip or the Chocolate, as they are pretty much amazing. Speaking of amazing, if you are a Mimosa fan, Magills has perfected the Mimosa… and they even have their secret recipe drawn on their menu. Go check it out!

#3 – The number 3 spot belongs to Andy's North. Located on Court just down the street from Highway 395 in Pasco, Andy's North puts the Dine back in Diner! There are no frills here. If you want downright awesome diner food, this is your place. The coffee is hot, the food is good, the service is friendly but expeditious. If you are on the way to the airport, or just need a place to have a quick breakfast – you have found your restaurant. BTW. Andy's North is NOT Andys Coffee Break. 

#2 – Our number two pick for Pancakes in Tri-Cities belongs to SagePort Grille in Richland. Located just off Columbia Center Drive and Columbia Park Trail, this place “takes the cake” for pancakes. Or should I say, Pancake (singular.) See you don’t get a “short stack” here, you get a single pancake that we are pretty sure you won’t be able to finish…. It’s HUGE! The atmosphere is eclectic and fun, the coffee is strong, and the service is great. What more can you ask for? If you plan on going to SagePort on the weekend, prepare to wait. This place is PACKED on the weekends… probably because the food is so good.

#1Just Joels – Hands down the winner. Like, no comparison… nothing tops Joel's. In fact, we can't even describe with words how good it is… So, we'll let our friends at Spotlight On Tri-Cities do the talking for us…. See the interview

So there you have it. Our Top 5 places that are better than the Original Pancake House.